Here is the Breyfogle Family Crest.

Breyfogle Coat of Arms

Breyfogle – The Family Arms depicted are Blazoned “Coupe, Au 1 D’Argent A L’Aigle De Sable; Au 2 D’Azur Plein.” The Crest is a Silver Demi-Dog collarred Black, Buckled Gold between 2 Black Wings.

I am working on cleaning it up a bit. I would also like to get it colored in correctly. If anyone knows how to do this PLEASE let me know.

I have been playing with photoshop, reading online, and  trying to get this closer to how it should look I think that I now have the shield correct. I will probably need to get someone to draw the rest of it because it seems like a demidog is rare on a coat of arms.



So it’s been a couple years but I’m getting closer to an updated family crest. The only thing I’m not sure about now is the colors of the leaves on the sides.

Some Tattoos of the Family Crest and other art inspired by it. If you have it tattooed send me a picture!

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